as most of you already know, autolux have been building/making their own lights
to use live since they first started playing live. as they're finishing recording their
second record, they've been thinking about new ideas for their next year of
touring. hence, autolux have decided to sell the framed amber lights that they used on stage
throughout 2005. it was my idea to give autolux fans a chance to buy them first, since
there have been several fans in the last year inquiring about buying one. the lights are
a bit pricy ($250 each), but there were only 20 made. each one shall be signed by the band.
the lights that are left in the next month will be auctioned on eBay with a starting bid of
$250. we felt this would be better than letting them rot in a storage space.

if you are interested or have any questions about the lights, write to me at autolux@earthlink.net
and put "Autolux Lights" as the subject.

thank you,
robert densworth

below is a link to autolux performing on the jimmy kimmel show. there you can get an idea
of which lights they are selling:

and a photo from the wiltern theatre show last year:

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